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Sinicize me!

The word “sinicize”  captured my imagination as I watched the May 2008 National Spelling Championship on TV.  It means “to modify by Chinese influence.”  Well, consider me sinicized!  During last night’s stunning opening ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Olympics (thank you very much director Zhang Yimou), I was awed by the beauty, precision, and deep … Continue reading

Chinese New Year in July

When it comes to entertaining at home, my dear friend Angela Chang just can’t stop cooking.  She and her husband Humphrey are energetic hosts, and when they recently had a large group over for a mid-summer picnic, it was like Chinese New Year in July.  I say that because the dinners they throw around the … Continue reading

Ode to Szechuan

Whether you spell it Szechuan or Sichuan, this spicy cuisine from an earthquake-ravaged province of China is one of my favorites.  I finally got to Szechuan House restaurant in Hamilton the other night, and I have to say I was wowed by the food!  This is the real deal folks, right down to the beef tendon, … Continue reading