Celebrating Nowruz

I’ve been terrible about not posting on this blog, it’s coming up on four months now.

Apologies to my readers who don’t catch me on Facebook (where – be warned – I also rail against current events), but here’s a link to my March In The Kitchen column for the Princeton Packet. And happy Spring – I promise it really is coming!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Nowruz

  1. Thanks for the recipes Faith and the wonderful descriptions of Nowruz. We don’t exactly celebrate this holiday but we keep close tabs on our Austin family when they do. I plan to make the first recipe for my daughter-in-law the next time she visits.

  2. Faith, I loved the story and saved one of the recipes. I too, hear heartfelt reminiscing about Nowruz in Iran from my daughter-in-law. One of the reasons she and Kevin like Austin so much is that there are so many Persians there it’s easy to celebrate holidays with other Iranians. There local Whole Foods-type place (but better) even has parties at the store on some Persian holidays and attracts big crowds. I can’t resist sharing these photos of Keon (4) painting eggs for the Haft-Seen table, (look familiar?) the table itself, and Anousha’s sister and her husband with *their* table. We are so lucky to have these people and their culture added to our lives.
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