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Valentine’s Day (& a discount on Taste of the Nation tickets)

Time’s a wastin’ foodie folks – those reservations don’t make themselves, nor do the chocolates!  Reserve (or shop) now for that special day.  Or buy some excellent local products and cook up something special at home. Either way, bon appétit! Buy delicious chocolates from Donna Toscana, in Cranford.  Strawberry and Passion Fruit are her two … Continue reading

Choco Deal

A brief trip after work to Whole Foods.  I sailed right through produce, past cheese and coffee, and then rounded the corner to find a couple of chocolate tastings in progress near bulk foods.  Screech! Chocolove bars are on sale, 2 for $4.  Dark Chocolate with goodies like orange peel, ginger, and raspberries.  I love the ones with cherries, … Continue reading

Bread Pudding

I’ve never been fond of the kind of bread pudding made with raisins, which includes most restaurant versions.  Aside from not being a fan of raisins (except for golden or flame), I don’t care for the heaviness of most renditions I’ve sampled.  But somewhere along the way I came across a light-hearted version made with … Continue reading

How Sweet It Is

And what will you drink with it? If you’re looking for a little recreation over the New Year’s holiday weekend, here’s my vote: A wine and chocolate pairing event at Crossing Vineyards and Winery in Washington Crossing, PA.   I know I love dark chocolate with rich Cabernet Sauvignon, but have never gotten past that obvious match. The “How … Continue reading


Take a good look at this photo.  I know, it’s not easy to orient yourself to what’s going on there, because, silly me, I dove in with my spoon before remembering to take a picture!  But that’s how good it looked; I could not restrain myself.  But I quicky regained my blog consciousness and staved … Continue reading

Dark Days Call For Dark Chocolate

Financial news got you down as low as the stock market?  Dark days call for dark chocolate in my household!  My current “arsenal” is pictured here.   I always have a few bars stashed away, and I have to say a couple of squares of the good stuff really does seem to release some pleasurable endorphins. But be … Continue reading

Donna Toscana Chocolate Lounge

You’ll have to do some driving, but it’ll be worth it.  Diane Pinder, who owns Donna Toscana Artisan Chocolate up in Cranford has just redecorated her shop and added a Chocolate Lounge, so you can sit down and enjoy your treats on the spot.  What could be better?  I met Diane at the Chocolate Show … Continue reading