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Life is Short, Recipes are Long

Sometimes I love spending time in the kitchen assembling the ingredients for an Indian meal. And other times – not so much. The list of spices for many dishes is extensive, so I tend to take shortcuts on a weeknight or other busy times. My biggest and favorite shortcut is a complete cop-out: Maya Kaimal … Continue reading


Next time you make a fruit crisp or crumble at home, why not spice it up a bit differently?  When I recently made a rhubarb/strawberry crisp, the recipe called for cinnamon in the topping.  But I’m not a big cinnamon fan (almost un-American, I know).  So I thought of using cardamom instead, which I have grown … Continue reading

Welcome to a PacketOnline blog, NJ SPICE

Welcome to a new PacketOnline blog, NJ Spice, where we will explore the ethnic and casual food scene in central New Jersey (and occasionally beyond). But for my  first post, a question: What is ethnic food?  Ah, you may say, that is the all the food that is not from where I am from.  And, … Continue reading