Scape Envy

Greens from Orchard FarmI am so glad the Montgomery Friends Farmers Market has switched from Thursdays to Saturdays, so weekday working folks like me can enjoy it.  Their location has changed, too, to the Village Shopper, right across Route 206 from ShopRite.  There were not a lot of vendors out this first week, but more will be there next week, I was assured.  In spite of that, I still made a major find that I didn’t expect – garlic scapes!

Every spring, food writers rhapsodize about finding garlic scapes (young shoots) and green garlic (immature bulbs) in the fancier farmers markets.  Well, no more scape envy for me; I found them at Skillman’s Orchard Farm Organics table at the Montgomery Market yesterday.  Green garlic and scapes were the subject of a cover story in the June 18 Dining In section of The New York Times.  There are recipes there, of course, but I think I’ll try the very simple pesto recipe that I found on another blogger’s website, Kayln’s Kitchen.  I think it will highlight the fresh, green, not too garlicky flavor of the scapes.

The market also offered bunches of flowers from Blooming Acres in Cranbury, and honey from 2, count ’em, 2 local apiaries, Fair Oaks Farm (Belle Mead) and Majestic (Skillman).   I also brought home rainbow chard and lettuce from Orchard Farm, and a loaf of bread from Village Bakery, Lawrenceville.  Farmer Steve’s popcorn was also there, as was C & M Produce of Princeton, with good looking summer squash. 

Next week you’ll also see fruits from Tree-Licious Orchards (Port Murray) and organic meats from Simply Grazin’ (Belle Mead).  I think a Saturday market in my neighborhood that offers some local meat and dairy in addition to produce will really take off, so have great expectations for the Montgomery Friends Farmers Market.  Find them at the Village Shopper Saturdays, 9:00am-1:00pm, through October 18.

2 thoughts on “Scape Envy

  1. I am so very happy to hear about this market, especially since I can go look for scapes. Didn’t everyone who read the NYT story want to rush out for scapes? I had no idea where to go. And thanks for the link to the garlic scape pesto. My husband has suddenly developed a severe allergy to tree nuts and we were both sad about giving up pesto.
    I love this blog! Full of truly useful information. Thanks!

  2. I wonder if you might try just omitting the pine nuts from your pesto, maybe adding a little extra cheese to make up some of the bulk? Also, in looking around online, I see suggestions to try sunflower or pumpkin seeds in place of the pine nuts, along with mentions of roasted garlic.

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