On Fire

Red Jacket Orchard ApricotsWhat is that fiery glow in the fruit bowl you ask?  Why, it’s the beautiful Red Jacket Orchards apricots I picked up at Whole Foods Market just this afternoon.  I didn’t even hesitate, one look at these beauties and I jumped.  Or they jumped, right into my cart.  $3.99 for the 1.25 pound package didn’t seem too high a price to pay for such pleasure.  The season for Eastern-grown apricots (these are from a well-regarded orchard in Geneva New York) is so fleeting that s/he who hesitates is lost.  I could bake something with them, but instead I will bask in their glow and enjoy them one by one.  Glorious!

One thought on “On Fire

  1. Faith B. thanks for the crumble, crisp etc. classification. I have always wondered – and now I know – sort of. Joan

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