Pho 99

Photo from Pho99On my way down Route 27 last week, I noticed a sign at the Great Wall Shopping Center in Franklin Park for Pho 99, a Vietnamese restaurant that opened last November (they have another location in South Plainfield).  How had I missed that?  So I stopped in today for lunch and was pleased to find a warm welcome, bustling clientele (all Asian except for myself), and delicous food.

I had a special lunch combination of a plump mound of grilled shrimp paste wrapped around a skewer of sugar cane and grilled pork with rice noodles (not the photo here, which is from their website).  It all came in a big bowl, garnished with lots of chopped mint, scallion, and coriander, plus shredded lettuce at the bottom. 

Pretty to look at, very tasty, and under $10.  Finally, a good Vietnamese place not too far from Princeton!  So many of these little places come and go, often not lasting long, but I have a feeling that this one has staying power.  Go visit soon to ensure that!

One thought on “Pho 99

  1. Here’s a comment that ended up appended to a different post, so I have copied it over. fb
    “Haven’t visited a Vietnamese Restaurant for ages;and maybe it was when I lived in New York, and what I remember was the subtle blend of Asian and French cuisines. Is that still the case? Long separated from the French world of “Indochine” I wonder if the food has evolved in new and now totally Asian flavors. In any event, I’m heading there soon, maybe even this weekend. Thanks for the heads-up.” Joan Goldstein

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