Portuguese meets Brazilian

Chef Eudes AssisBig goings on at the Portuguese Fisherman in South River this month, where I dined memorably with my brother and sister-in-law a couple of years ago. 

A top Brazilian chef, Eudes Assis, of Sue Sebastião Restaurante located in Maresias, a beach community on the north shore of São Paulo State, will be spending the month at the restaurant.  

Assis was Cordon Bleu trained in Paris, and has lived and traveled all over the world before resettling in his native Brazil.  At Seu Sebastião the focus is on fusion cuisine: Brazilian ingredients, culinary techniques from around the world and his own fisherman culinary tradition. The result is a colorful, creative and stimulating menu with dishes which vary from fish and seafood to desserts.

During his visit, each Friday at 8:00pm the Portuguese Fisherman will hold a wine tasting paired with dishes prepared by Chef Assis. Pricing will be determined depending on the number of courses and wine choices, but should range anywhere from $40-$85 a person. There will be a limited number of seats so reservations are required.  Details will go up on the restaurant website soon, at the link above.

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