Antipasto Della Casa

Osteria Procaccini antipastoMy review of Osteria Procaccini was in yesterday’s TimeOff in the Princeton Packet.  The online version has a photo of the panino my friend and I enjoyed, but I thought I’d also share this photo of the antipasto della casa, which was very nice.

Yes, the pizzas are great too, but this charming spot in Kingston offers much more.  This plate had prosciutto, a couple kinds of salami, one spicy, one not, and two cheeses, I believe Parmesan and maybe provolone. (Hmm, maybe there was one more meat, but I can’t tell from the photo. Mortadella is often included in a salumi assortment, or capocollo.)

Those olives were fantastic, they are always so much better with the pits, because once you remove the pits (and then transport and store them), they get mushy.  The only time I buy pitted olives anymore is if I know I’m going right home to make something that requires pitting, and even then it’s a compromise, as the texture just isn’t the same.

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