Rare Chocolate from Peru

Moonstruck Fortunato Chocolate“For nearly 100 years, the world has gone without this amazing chocolate,” I read on the Portland OR-based Moonstruck Chocolate website. “Thought to be extinct, today the tale of Pure Nacional cacao beans takes a delicious twist. Recently rediscovered in a remote canyon in Peru, hints of floral, fruity, nutty flavors live on in this bar of Fortunato No. 4 Dark Chocolate.”

What can I say, I ordered 2 bars at $12.00 each, plus a hefty $8.95 for shipping.  I was led to this delicious folly by Florence Fabricant, who wrote about it in the New York Times in January, just ahead of its introduction at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

So at $16+ per 2 ounce bar (and a few thousand extra carbon miles), how was it?

It was quite good, with that pronounced fruity undertone I enjoy in premium chocolate.  I don’t know if I’d pay to ship it again, but have since then ordered other items from Moonstruck, including cute Easter treats, and delicious Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bark.  It’s all quite good, and with very nice highly-giftable packaging.

Darn you Flo, you always make it sound so good!

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