Confectionately Yours

CY Logo Route 27 isn’t only about ethnic food.  If you crave American comfort food and coffee shop favorites, visit Confectionately Yours.  They have a website now, and I urge anyone with a taste for nostalgia to stop soon at this family restaurant. They’re open 7 days a week, and now serve breakfast on the weekends.

The Gondeks have made ice cream and chocolates for years, and decided to open a family restaurant “the kind of place you don’t find anymore,” about a year and a half ago.  They definitely fill a need – when I went for a casual early dinner a couple weekends ago, the place was bustling.  Many of the old-fashioned soda fountain stools were occupied, and in the dining area, where we sat, there were groups of surprisingly well-behaved kids (looked like Little League), and families of all ages.  The teenage waitstaff is friendly and polite, the menu prices are oh-so-gentle, and the food is good classic “American.”

I had a wonderfully sloppy warm Reuben sandwich on toasted rye, and they substituted onion rings for French fries, which made my day.  Homemade meatloaf pleased my friend, although she scraped off most of the gravy onto the mashed potatoes, finding it somewhat salty on the meat, but a better match on the potatoes.  Her mixed vegetables were nicely crisp-tender.  It was a large portion, too, so half went home for another day.

They have sundaes, shakes and malts, too of course – someday I must go just for one of those.  However we did want to each take some ice cream home (for me Heath Bar and Mint Chocolate Chip), and they’ve got that down to a science.  I’ll call it Ice Cream Concierge Service: put in your order as you finish dining, and it appears on your meal check (which comes with little chocolates, how smart is that, since they sell them?!). They pack your ice cream and hold it in the freezer up front, by the soda fountain, so after you pay your bill to the waiter, you just pick it up on your way out. Easy peasy.  I LOVE this place!

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