Let them eat cake!

cakeOkay, I confess, here is another dessert purchased in a supermarket. But this vanilla cake with coconut frosting from Wegmans is truly exceptional.  It is bakeshop quality (a good bakeshop that is), and just divine, with a moist, light crumb and richly flavored vanilla bean buttercream frosting with a froth of grated coconut pressed into it.  (You can get it without the coconut too.)

They also do a mean carrot cake at Wegmans, and and then there is their Ultimate Chocolate Cake which I believe was the first one in their little collection of specialty cakes.  But the last time I had the chocolate (on my birthday), I found the frosting just too sweet.  I wonder if I would have felt that way a few years ago…it shocks me that the chocolate doesn’t please me more than the vanilla, but there you go, I guess my taste has changed.

Fortunately Wegmans is out of reach for me most of the time, the furthest market I travel to. So I usually only get there once every 6-8 weeks, which minimizes the risk of my bringing one of these cakes home. I do buy the very petite version, but still.  My friend Miriam is also a big fan, but, lucky her, she lives a lot closer to the market!

Another bakery item

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