Ah, the lowly PB&J. Every now and then I get such a craving. In this case I had some of those multigrain “slims” sandwich breads on hand. I bought them out of curiousity one day, and actually find them handy, as I’m not a fan of sandwiches that are too “bready.” The peanut butter was totally ordinary (whipped Peter Pan), and the grape jelly organic. (I only use grape jelly for these sandwiches, on toast I prefer other fruits, especially marmalade, or cherry or apricot preserves.)

And, sorry Doc, but I just have to have a little butter on my PB&J. But, contrary to a recent NYT article in praise of peanut butter and pickle, I’m not fond of variations, like adding bananas, honey, etc. (That pickle thing sounds horrible to me, but I can understand that some people love it, the contrast of flavors makes sense.)

However you like it, try your favorite take on PB&J soon – a good antidote to overwrought holiday foods!

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