Somebody thinks it’s summer….

Oh, that Will Mooney, over at Brother’s Moon in Hopewell, clearly he’s pushing the season!

He just sent out an e-newsletter with the following:

“Oh the snow! Oh our backs! Our great staff has kept us shoveled and ready. We are happy the sun is shining and bright today. We had a great Valentine’s Day, lots of fun, delicious food. This recipe below was a huge hit this past weekend. Thank you all who came through the snow drifts.”

Now, for a food writer, the recipe’s vague reference to “1/2 cup Small diced vegetables” in the ingredients list is challenging, and I would need to clarify just what vegetables he’s thinking of before publishing in a recipe column. But this happens all the time when chefs send me recipes, so let’s put our thinking caps on, rather than pestering the chef, which is usually what I do.

I think Chef Will would use whatever is fresh in his kitchen that day (and seasonal, if it were summer). Maybe a fine dice of colorful peppers, or cucumber, jicama, and maybe a little red onion or scallion…Chefs constantly improvise depending on what’s available to them, so we home cooks need to do the same. If this doesn’t invigorate your winter taste buds, I don’t know what will!

Crab, Cilantro and Lime Salad

 Serves 8

1          lb.        Lump crabmeat

½        cup      Small diced vegetables

2          T.         Chopped cilantro

3          T.         Sliced jalapenos

1          T.         Lime juice

1          T.         Olive oil

To Taste: Salt and Pepper

  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Chill for one hour or so.
  3. Stir again to redistribute dressing.
  4. Great served on a corn tortilla chip.
  5. Enjoy!!!
Stay tuned, I also recently got a recipe for slow-roasted pork shoulder from Jim Weaver at Tre Piani, I have my own adaptation of that in my oven this afternoon, and will post it with a photo soon. My home is perfumed with garlic and I’m in heaven!

One thought on “Somebody thinks it’s summer….

  1. Faith, what a joy to experience your exuberance and Will’s, in this ‘winter of our discontent.’ It’s no accident that each of you is caught up in the world of food. In the face of peril-bearing clouds, there is little anyone can do ,.. except that ancient journey — to the hearth. I savor that garlic and pork with you, and Will’s crab and mystery vegetables. Thank you for sunniness.


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