New event room & menus at Tre Piani, and “Farm to Bar” menu at Tre Bar

Tre Piani private event room

Tre Piani private event room

I always like to get news from Jim Weaver, owner of Tre Piani and Tre Bar in Forrestal Village, and author of Locavore Adventures. Over the years, the restaurant has been the site of many of my family celebrations and dinners, including a couple of parties in their private 3rd floor room. (Would that be the “tre piano”?)

Now that room has undergone a major renovation, and the brighter, more spacious ambiance is a remarkable improvement, and just in time for holiday events. Book it now, as it’ll fill up fast.

Jim also reports that he’s turned his “remote” kitchen, the one that services Tre Bar, into a “beverage kitchen” so they can make all kinds of homemade juices, sodas etc. “As far as I know I will have the only true ‘Farm to Bar” menu around,” he says. They’ll be juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, using fresh herbs and natural flavors, and even make their own cane sugar syrup. Both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks are always available.

The new menus sound fantastic, with (at dinner) extensive antipasti, a renewed emphasis on pastas (most available in half-portions), a selection of lighter entrées, and main dishes that include tuna, scallops, Amish chicken, vegetarian cassoulet, filet mignon and hangar steak. Several pizzette, cheeses and salumi, and vegetable sides round out the savory dishes. A baker’s dozen of desserts will also tempt you (Apple crostata, pumpkin cheesecake with caramel sauce and whipped cream, hot chocolate cake baked in phyllo, etc., yum!)



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