October’s Best Bites


October was a lazy month for me in the kitchen (under the weather), so I indulged in lots of shortcuts and easy meals, including some FreshDirect specialties like their excellent grass fed beef chili and chicken tortilla soup, which I’ve posted photos of previously. The captions below describe some of October’s dishes, and hopefully I’ll get back into the blogging harness soon! I may have not been feeling tip-top, but obviously I still dined well, as a typical Bahadurian would! (H/T to Stacey Snacks for the panko fish with peas recipe, http://www.staceysnacksonline.com/2016/10/roasted-salmon-w-panko-peas.html?m=1)

One thought on “October’s Best Bites

  1. Faith, all your loyal readers regret your being ‘under the weather’. I am sure I am not alone in marveling that you can still find, create, eat and chronicle these lovely feasts for all of us. Your vicarious dinner companions! Fell stronger soon and permanently — c

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