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The end of an era

For me, it’s the end of an era. After nineteen years, it turns out my most recent In The Kitchen column was my last piece for the Packet. Their freelance budget has been cut once again,  and my time with them is over. I think my editor felt worse about this than I do. It … Continue reading

Meant to be

It would seem there was always a restaurant critic locked inside me, waiting to come out. I had to laugh when I recently came across my handwritten notes from a dinner I enjoyed, back in 1993, at Luchento’s Ristorante, on Route 33 in Milllstone. The place (under different ownership now), was legendary for its huge portions … Continue reading

Help Wanted: A revolution in school lunches

If Jamie Oliver’s show about revolutionizing the school lunch program in Huntington, WVa piqued your interest, and if you have professional food service experience, here is an opportunity for you to look at: HELP WANTED: NUTRITION MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY A group of public charter schools in Newark is seeking a manager to run its nutrition/food service program.  They … Continue reading