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Happy Thanksgiving & Remember Others

Dear readers, to you and yours, the best of holidays, whether you dine with family, with friends, or in solitary splendor (yes, sometimes that’s a treat!), I hope you have a good Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Please remember those who are less fortunate as we go into the holiday season.  A few local suggestions: Mercer Street … Continue reading

Thanks for the Memories

Today marks the passing of one of Princeton’s great traditions, dining at Lahiere’s.  In its 91 years, Lahiere’s became a treasured institution on Witherspoon Street. Their food used to be strictly French, but in later years evolved into creative American cuisine.  The cozy bar was known as the place to go for civilized drinks.  Compared to … Continue reading

Italian Excursion – Brutti ma Buoni?

Here’s a nice, no-neeed-to-plan ahead, mid/late afternoon weekend excursion – a trip to Washington Town Center, home of De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies and Dolce & Clemente’s Italian Market. First we stop at Dolce & Clemente’s, for a little Italian grocery shopping, then we stow our goodies in the car before getting in line outside De Lorenzo’s – … Continue reading

Family Dinner at Tre Piani

I had dinner with family recently at Tre Piani, my first visit in a while, I blush to admit.  To the left you see a photo (sorry it’s not better) of the entrée that three of the four of us had, lamb from Neptune Farm, an organic farm in south NJ, prepared three ways,  roasted (shoulder … Continue reading

Masala is Trendy

At the recent Fancy Food Show in New York, a panel of food experts honed in on the top five food trends of the year (and mentioned some of the products that exemplify each one): Great Vinegars – Innovative flavors include: Hibiscus, Walnut Champagne, Peach Balsamic, Lime Rice, and Apple Ice Wine Vinegar. Indian Products … Continue reading

Have some organic potato salad on the Fourth

A current article in Nature, a highly respected peer-reviewed scientific journal, describes research showing that organic potato farming practices promote more “evenness” in predator diversity which leads to more balanced pest control.  The end result?  “…their study found that the increased evenness of organic farms compared with that of conventional farms led to 18% lower pest densities and … Continue reading

Dining Trends-Are you hot or not?

I always enjoy reading about trends, especially (of course) when it comes to food and dining.  So I share the list below with you, and suspect you will recognize these trends in the restaurants you patronize.   Benchmark Hospitality International, which produces this list each year, operates The Heldrich in New Brunswick.  The Heldrich is a very spiffy hotel, conference center … Continue reading

Buy Local Romaine

Despite the current recall of romaine lettuce sweeping the country, the NJ Department of Agriculture wants you to know that romaine grown in New Jersey is safe. as it is just now coming to market. Once again, the recommendation is to BUY LOCAL.  So go to your local natural foods store, like the Whole Earth … Continue reading

Is it me or…?

What is it with TV shows about food?  I recently got a digital converter from my cable company (so I could keep viewing a couple of the PBS stations I like on my ancient TV), and it seems I can now get a whole bunch of new channels, including the Food Network.  After giving up on the … Continue reading