Masala is Trendy

Masala Burger

At the recent Fancy Food Show in New York, a panel of food experts honed in on the top five food trends of the year (and mentioned some of the products that exemplify each one):

Great Vinegars – Innovative flavors include: Hibiscus, Walnut Champagne, Peach Balsamic, Lime Rice, and Apple Ice Wine Vinegar.

Indian Products – Unexpected creations: Curry Ketchup, Cashews & Cream Cooking Sauce, Tandoori Chicken Naanwich, and Tikka Masala Marinara. (Photo: My recent dinnner of Trader Joe’s vegetarian Masala burger on whole wheat naan and raita.  I love their slim Persian cucumbers too!  Thank you TJ’s for the first veggie burger I didn’t hate!)

Grains, Nuts & Seeds – Sweet and savory items make up this category with Flax Seed Crackers, Oat and Corn Cakes, Pumpkin Palooza Nut Confections, and Lentil Chips.

Squash, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato – These fall favorites are showcased in Pumpkin Salsa, Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce, Sweet Potato Butter, Butternut Squash Tart, and Sweet Potato Chocolate.

Handcrafted Local Heritage Foods – Soups, pickles and sweets including Linekin Bay Lobster Corn Chowder, Brooklyn Pickles, Wild West Steak Rub and Sticky Toffee Pudding offer fresh takes on classics.

Other emerging trends identified are fig products, including a cabernet wine and fig preserve; unusual teas infused with turmeric and cardamom; and specialty flavored honeys such as chestnut, lime, pine and raspberry.

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