I kid you not – try Jester’s Café

Jester's Burger

Praise be to Jester’s Cafe in Bordentown, where I had a very nice lunch with friends on Saturday.  We started off to go somewhere else, but that place had closed for a long holiday weekend, which so many places seem to have done. (Finding a place for a friend’s birthday dinner on the Fourth was no mean feat either.)

So we tumbled into Jester’s just ahead of the heat of the day, and sat down in a cool, high-ceilinged room where fans stirred the air.  Ahhhh.

Warm rolls – at lunch! – were quickly brought to our table.  One friend ordered a chicken and Portabello panini, and my other friend and I ordered burgers with bleu cheese.  They enjoyed tall draft beers while I enjoyed brewed, unsweetened iced tea.  The burgers, only $7.50, surprisingly come with a choice of soup or sandwich, so we had that day’s cream of zucchini soup, and also split an order of waffle fries.  All was good, and look at that cute ceramic cup of pasta salad on the side!  It was made with a small soup pasta, like ditalini but with no hole, and roasted vegetables, and we all enjoyed that quite a bit, along with everything else. 

After that we strolled down to The Artful Deposit gallery and got into a little trouble.  This pleasant and friendly gallery offers both fine arts and crafts.  I bought a nifty wind chime by Carole Debord made out of old flatware.  She puts old ladles, forks, knives, spoons to creative use – perfect for a foodie like me.  What a lovely afternoon!  Bordentown makes for a well-rounded excursion, with its history, shops, and dining, and parking is easy and free.

One thought on “I kid you not – try Jester’s Café

  1. Well, Dear Faith, you bring it all back to life in a lively and memorable way.

    I’m hoping one of your readers tells us what that tiny pasta was.

    Jester’s really served as haven that torrid day. I remember our service as lively and bright, also. And they were good about turning down the music, all too rare. Their portabello salad is always superb, also – and now I’ll have a hard time choosing between mushroom treats. There are worse problems.

    Bordentown is always a joy.

    Thank you for our gustatory pilgrimages!



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