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Simply Nutritious Meals’ White Chili

I couldn’t fit two recipes into today’s In The Kitchen column in the Packet, so am including a second one here.  This chili, one of my weeknight delivered dinners from Simply Nutritious Meals, was simple, yet delicious.  It came with a little cornbread muffin that was not too sweet. When owner Tiffany Millen shared her … Continue reading

Chicken Soup

This is not home made!  When I was sick recently, I resorted to my emergency stash of canned soup, which included this Select Harvest soup from Campbell’s.  They have improved their soups in recent years, so, while the Select Harvest line is still more processed than I’d like, it hit the spot, and was only … Continue reading

Soul Soup

When I was sick over Thanksgiving weekend, my friend (and neighbor) Joan sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse: “How about lunch?  I made my favorite red lentil soup – I can bring you a cup in a couple of minutes. Made with fresh ingredients, olive oil and fresh lemon. Just say yes. Okay?” SURE!  I emailed … Continue reading


Thank you Edible Jersey for reminding me that today is Honey Bee Awareness Day, as proclaimed by the US Department of Agriculture last year.  This year’s theme: “Local Honey – Good for you, the bees, and the environment!” My grandfather kept bees “out back,” so I grew up eating honey and loved to eat warm toast … Continue reading

Turkey Chili

I recently bought ground turkey at Trader Joe’s. It was shockingly lean, so I had to add olive oil, and then add a little more, as I browned it with the vegetables to make this chili.  Which is fine, of course, I’d rather add olive oil than have a lot of poultry fat in the dish. I … Continue reading

Cherry Walnut Quinoa Salad

I keep meaning to share the recipe below for the delicious quinoa salad (left in photo) from the Suppers Program, which I wrote about in the Packet in June.  The carrot salad (right side of photo) recipe is in that column, but I culdn’t fit the quinoa receipe in.  I also wrote about their oven-fried eggplant in … Continue reading

Oven-Fried Eggplant

When I attended a Suppers Program dinner for a recent recipe column, one of the dishes served that evening was delicious oven-fried eggplant. Thinly sliced, it was drizzed with olive oil and baked at very high heat on shallow baking sheets.  Maybe it was flipped once, but thin as it was, might not have needed … Continue reading

Help Wanted: A revolution in school lunches

If Jamie Oliver’s show about revolutionizing the school lunch program in Huntington, WVa piqued your interest, and if you have professional food service experience, here is an opportunity for you to look at: HELP WANTED: NUTRITION MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY A group of public charter schools in Newark is seeking a manager to run its nutrition/food service program.  They … Continue reading