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Ta Dum! – Say hello to NJ Wild Beauty

Ta Dum! – Say hello to NJ Wild Beauty

I had some fun this afternoon helping my friend Carolyn Foote Edelmann set up her new blog, NJ Wild Beauty. Her header photo is just gorgeous, be sure to visit the site to experience the impact of the full image.  NJ Wild Beauty is a spin-off of her original Packet blog, NJWild, and the plan … Continue reading

Bad Science

There’s a lot of bad science out there. Even I, a non-scientist, can tell. We are constantly bombarded with misinformation, and a lot of it has to do with food and health. We have become a nation bizarrely obsessed with health and medicine. It seems that nearly every article in the newspaper is related to health and … Continue reading

Meant to be

It would seem there was always a restaurant critic locked inside me, waiting to come out. I had to laugh when I recently came across my handwritten notes from a dinner I enjoyed, back in 1993, at Luchento’s Ristorante, on Route 33 in Milllstone. The place (under different ownership now), was legendary for its huge portions … Continue reading

Rachel’s Pie

This is what comes of watching daytime TV. I was home not feeling too well, and indulgled my self in TV land. Rachel Ray was cooking up this Spinach Artichoke Ricotta pie on her show, and it caught my eye, so I made it a week or so later. I have more than one package … Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday Julia!

Here’s my contribution to the PBS celebration of Julia Child’s centennial on Wednesday. This was a salad she made with Alice Waters on Cooking with Master Chefs. Both markets I visited had no blood oranges, so I settled for a nice organic Valencia orange, which was bursting with juice.   I watched her old show reruns … Continue reading

Terms of non-Endearment

I only had time to tweet about this when it first appeared, but wanted to be sure you had seen Ben Schott’s Op-Art Terms of Service piece in the New York Times last week about the linguistic shorthand restaurant staffs use to communicate with each other about various aspects of their customers behavior and preferences (and sometimes … Continue reading