Happy 100th Birthday Julia!

Beet Orange SaladHere’s my contribution to the PBS celebration of Julia Child’s centennial on Wednesday. This was a salad she made with Alice Waters on Cooking with Master Chefs.

Both markets I visited had no blood oranges, so I settled for a nice organic Valencia orange, which was bursting with juice.   I watched her old show reruns on PBS Sunday afternoon as I put this together and had myself a wonderful time with Julia.

The older shows from the 1960s are so soothing!  They give me a kind of “all’s right with the world” feeling, much as when I watch the British comedies that come on at 8:00pm Saturday nights (I know, I sound like I’m 100 myself!).  Something in me releases a little sigh and relaxes. Maybe I’ll want to watch Julia reruns on my deathbed (instead of those piano sonatas I had planned on); what a pleasant way to while away one’s last few hours!

Bon Appétit!

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