Hambone Opera Barbecue

H O BBQIt takes a lot to get me out in the summer heat. But I finally broke down this past Saturday to run over to the Montgomery Farmers Market in Skillman to try Jeff McKay’s Hambone Opera Barbecue.

Not bad Smoke Chef Jeff!  These ribs were tasty and moist with just enough resistance at the bone to make them interesting to eat.  They come with a Texas style sauce already on them, but I can never resist a little somthin’ extra and in this case cross-pollinated them with some vinegary Carolina style sauce I had at home.  I had some of Jeff’s grill beans on the side, too; they’d been “enhanced” with chopped bell peppers and, there too, I added my own touch, some crispy fried “red onion” (shallot really) from the Asian market I keep around.  A little sprinkle of those on beans, ribs, or on top of certain soups is just the thing.  Besides of course, their use on Asian rice and noodles, and other dishes.

I always thought if I ever got married, I’d just want a big barbecue truck pulled up for the reception. Well, that hasn’t happened, so maybe when I retire. I’ll charge admission and give the money away to a good cause!

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