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Family cookout from the “good old days”

Family cookout from the “good old days”

My father and his Armenian relatives loved a good shish kebab cookout. I came across these old family photos, from the 50s I think, and thought I’d share them here. (I don’t have a scanner, so used my phone’s camera.) This would have taken place on the old property on Route 206 (where CVS is … Continue reading

Bonefish Grill – Fish Ahoy!

Bonefish Grill – Fish Ahoy!

It was an icy cold night when I made my way to the new Bonefish Grill in Mercer Mall for a social media dinner I was lucky to be invited to. They opened to a splash (sorry!) last Monday, after a Saturday fundraiser for Womanspace that netted a cool $11,000 for the agency. Kudos to … Continue reading

Hambone Opera Barbecue

It takes a lot to get me out in the summer heat. But I finally broke down this past Saturday to run over to the Montgomery Farmers Market in Skillman to try Jeff McKay’s Hambone Opera Barbecue. Not bad Smoke Chef Jeff!  These ribs were tasty and moist with just enough resistance at the bone … Continue reading


These are On the Bone spareribs with chipotle glaze, and they are excellent. (But guys, shutty the music on the website, you just can’t find the mute button fast enough!) I kept thinking of these ribs after I tried them during a review dinner last fall, and finally returned specifically for them, and their onion rings … Continue reading


I’m so predictable. As I started this post on bockwurst, I got the idea to see if I’d written about it last summer. As I suspected, I had, and – get this – on the very same day, September 2.  I have to laugh, but it is indeed true that I love these pale chubby … Continue reading

Canal House Cooking Volume No. 4

Each new volume from Canal House Cooking thrills me.  Number 4 is all about the bounty from farm markets and gardens, and you’ll find so many lovely, and often elegantly simple, recipes that you’ll almost wish this hot and humid summer would never end.  I’ve sent gift subscriptions (there are three volumes each year) to a … Continue reading

Bubbly Q at the Rocky Hill Inn

Welcome to the grilling season! The Rocky Hill Inn Eatery & Tavern has a special Bubbly Q promotion this month, and it’s a great idea for a casual weeknight. Each Tuesday/Wednesday, a special grilled or barbecued dish is featured at dinner, and for $20.10 (get it?) it comes with a glass of selected Champagne, sparkling wine, … Continue reading

Poussin From Griggstown Quail Farm

This is half a roasted poussin from Griggstown Quail Farm Market.  I buy them pre-marinated in herbs (there’s also a soy-ginger version), and they are reliably tender and juicy. I often keep one in my freezer, and it’s enough for 2 servings. I roast the poussin for about an hour (to 165°) on a bed of … Continue reading

Holiday Gifts for Foodies

What to get that foodie friend of yours…here are some quick ideas that landed in my Inbox: Got a barbecue fanatic in the family? Maybe it’s time for a home smoker. At left you see a Bradley Smoker.  They run $399 to $599. They’re electric, they use specialized wood, and there’s no actual smoke, tar, … Continue reading


Take a bow McCaffrey’s Market, Gillian’s Gourmet, Jade Asian Sauces, and FunniBonz.  McCaffrey’s for selling flanken ribs (short ribs cut across the bone), which can be hard to find (and they weren’t too expensive, either).  And to the others for making such tasty sauces. What’s more, Gillian’s and FunniBonz are local companies, often to be … Continue reading