Holiday Gifts for Foodies

Bradley SmokerWhat to get that foodie friend of yours…here are some quick ideas that landed in my Inbox:

Got a barbecue fanatic in the family? Maybe it’s time for a home smoker. At left you see a Bradley Smoker.  They run $399 to $599. They’re electric, they use specialized wood, and there’s no actual smoke, tar, or creosote to worry about (or upset the neighbors). I meant to post this before Thanksgiving, so we missed the prime turkey window of opportunity, but, hey, there’s plenty of other things to smoke. Twinkies???– How about an online cooking school membership, and your friend or family member can do it while lounging on the couch in front of a cozy fire.  Well, I guess that eventually you’d need to go into the kichen and cook something, because looking at those lessons, how could you resist?  There’s even an online support community, plus members-only access to professional chefs for questions, so you can get help with the tough parts.  They do such a good job with their high-definition videos, and clear, very detailed instructions, that I can’t help but be impressed.  You can buy a membership for as little as $39, and they even mail out a nice-looking gift card.  A first class operation!

A selection of local/NJ cheeses – now that we have Cherry Grove Farm in the area (plus Bobolink and Valley Shepherdin NJ), this is officially doable!  Want to take it to the next level?  Give the gift of a cheesemaking class or special tour at one of these places.

SJ Hot Chefs – Buy a $50 gift certificate to a participating restaurant in South NJ, and get an extra $10 certificate!   Check out the website for details etc. This promotion-minded group always has something exciting going on.

See’s Candies – Guess what?  The legendary See’s Candies (since 1921, based in California) has opened a pop-up store for the holidays at Princeton Marketfair mall!  It’s only open until December 26, so go get your See’s fix (er, gifts) now!

Or, does your honey have everything s/he wants already? Then how about making a nice donation in his/her honor to your local food bank?  You do good, and your loved one gets to see his/her name in print on that annual report!

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