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Portuguese BBQ in Trenton

Don’t know when I might get there myself, but a new place that sounds interesting has opened in Trenton, a Portuguese charcoal grill BBQ spot, named Chi-Chi’s BBQ, on 13 E. Front Street.  Aimed, I would guess, at downtown office workers, they are open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.  Their phone is 609-392-3123.  Could it be … Continue reading

Butt-Off (but in the nicest possible way)

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now: my colleagues at Princeton University, John and Kara, really know how to have fun. Each year this couple gathers with friends for what has traditionally been a pig roast and weekend party.  This takes place on a farm in another state, and it has become a … Continue reading

Down on the (Fernbrook) Farm

Here’s a farm dinner for a good cause that is so reasonably priced, you may want to take the whole family.  And kids really are welcome, as there will be special activities for them during the event.  On August 8 (4-8pm), TerraMomo Restaurant Group puts on the fourth annual Farm to Table dinner at Fernbrook Farms to benefit the Farm’s … Continue reading

The Ultimate Steak?

This could be my favorite steak ever.  I recently sat in on a grassfed meat grilling “seminar” that was hosted by Cherry Grove Farm when Shannon Hayes, aka The Grassfed Gourmet, visited Princeton for a series of events organized by Fran McManus of the Whole Earth Center. One of the meats we sampled that evening … Continue reading

Time to Vote!

No, you’re not having an post-election flashback.  This is a different type of election.  Princeton’s own supreme culinary contestant, Devon Delaney, who has won mega cooking awards, is once again in the running, this time for a Super Bowl tailgating recipe contest at She is one of ten finalists and you have until December … Continue reading

Blue Fish Grill

I can’t even remember how I heard about this place, but it was well worth the drive over to Flemington to check out Blue Fish Grill.  It made for a lovely Sunday excursion (with shopping at Turntable Junction, too), and the lunch a friend and I enjoyed was a winner.            … Continue reading

Goodbye Summer Sausage

I never know what to call it, but I do love it.  Soooo very out of fashion, these pale white sausages are sold at the Amish market and deli counters everywhere.  The are usually a mix of pork and veal, need to be cooked, and take well to grilling or sautéeing.  I would not think of … Continue reading

Multicultural Quail

Quail is a favorite of mine, and it lends itself to all sorts of ethnic flavors in the kitchen.  But my first experience with the little birds was not auspicious.  It was at a fancy restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, where I lived for many years.  I was out with my boyfriend and his family, and … Continue reading