The Ultimate Steak?

Beechtree steakThis could be my favorite steak ever.  I recently sat in on a grassfed meat grilling “seminar” that was hosted by Cherry Grove Farm when Shannon Hayes, aka The Grassfed Gourmet, visited Princeton for a series of events organized by Fran McManus of the Whole Earth Center.

One of the meats we sampled that evening was brought over by Lucia Huebner of Beechtree Farm in Hopewell (Website in transition, phone is 609-466-0277; please call ahead).

The steak, grilled to medium-rare, was excellent – tender and with an astonishingly clean, pure flavor.  The little bite I had was so good that I stopped by the Whole Earth Center the very next day after work to buy one to cook at home on my stovetop grill.  It was pricey, but worth it.  I haven’t had steak since, because I know any other steak will be a pale shadow of this wonder.  But I will go back soon to see what other cuts are available.  I later remembered Beechtree did a hamburger tasting demo at W.E.C. a few months ago, but I didn’t really pay attention to it then.  I have hardly bothered with beef hamburger the last couple of years, if I want to make a burger one in a while, I’ve been buying bison instead. This might win me back. 

You can contact the farm to buy, of course, especially if you have a lot of freezer space at home, but for a singleton like myself, it is easier to just go to the W.E.C. and pick up what I need for near-term use.  Whatever the Huebners are doing, they are doing it right, and even Shannon Hayes was very impressed with this steak.

One thought on “The Ultimate Steak?

  1. Faith, you are a legendary food writer – one who can see to it that the reader not only sees, but feels and taste whatever gastronomic treat currently moves you.

    It’s also FUN to read you, because you take us with you on your adventures.

    Thank you so much,


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