Memorable Moments at the A&B

A & B buildingDoes what happens at the Alchemist & Barrister in Princeton stay at the A&B? Not if you’re willing to tell all!

Here’s your chance to win a champagne dinner for two. Contestants should describe their Most Memorable A&B Moment by logging on to the A&B web site. Deadline is July 30 and the winner will be announced August 5. The winner and selected entries will be posted on the A&B web site. All submissions must be made on line. Multiple entries are permitted but must be sent in separate e-mails. A panel of judges will be drawn from the A&B staff. To enter, go to and click on the contest banner on the home page.

C’mon, you know you’re dying to tell. Go write up that great time out with friends, or that oh-so-successful business deal, or proposal of marriage right now!

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