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Happy Holidays!

I love snow globes, so couldn’t resist a quick online search for a pretty one to post, to wish you all the happiest of holidays. This one is from Pfaltzgraff, and they also have a nice set of stoneware in the Winterwood pattern, in a lovely soft green.  Birds, pinecones, berries, what’s not to like?  Although my taste usually runs … Continue reading

Dining Trends-Are you hot or not?

I always enjoy reading about trends, especially (of course) when it comes to food and dining.  So I share the list below with you, and suspect you will recognize these trends in the restaurants you patronize.   Benchmark Hospitality International, which produces this list each year, operates The Heldrich in New Brunswick.  The Heldrich is a very spiffy hotel, conference center … Continue reading

Sweet Allentown

Allentown (NJ) is a sweet little town, made sweeter still by a chocolate shop and a bakery near the intersection of Church (Rte. 526) and Main Streets.  I drive right by on my way to and from LBI, and recently noticed a couple of places worth checking out.  I returned on a weekday morning, and … Continue reading

Fancy Cat

Excuse me while I digress from the subject of people food, and get up on my soapbox. Even though my cat Spot died over two years ago (birds and bunnies are still rejoicing), I still get cat-related mail, and probably always will. This sample of Fancy Feast’s new appetizers for cats arrived the other day, and … Continue reading

For the Willy Wonka in you…

Here’s a dream of an opportunity – a big chocolate factory in Canada (formerly a Hershey’s factory) is being auctioned off on August 27 by the M. Davis Group, “The Leader in Food & Dairy Auctions.”  The brochure is entertaining, full of photos of Rube Goldberg-esque processing equipment for candy, chocolate, nuts, and confectionery products.   Got a sweet tooth and some … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Chips

I like the Lightly Salted Dirty Chips in the little café where I work. A two-ounce bag has 50 mg. of sodium per serving. A serving, I had noted, is half a bag (1 ounce), a fact that I’m sure sails right by most people, who assume a serving is the full bag. Gotta read … Continue reading

Fire Fire (But WEC and CoolVines spared)

Just a note to say that although two Princeton restaurants, Tom Yum Goong (Thai) and Sultan Wok (Chinese), burned down in an early morning fire today (Packet story & photo), two other nearby businesses, The Whole Earth Center and CoolVines are unscalthed and open for business as usual. What’s left of the building that housed the two restaurants has … Continue reading

Memorable Moments at the A&B

Does what happens at the Alchemist & Barrister in Princeton stay at the A&B? Not if you’re willing to tell all! Here’s your chance to win a champagne dinner for two. Contestants should describe their Most Memorable A&B Moment by logging on to the A&B web site. Deadline is July 30 and the winner will … Continue reading


I’m not sure where I got this photo, I thought it was from friends of mine who have been living in Okinawa, Japan (he’s a Marine), but now I’m not so sure.  But I love the image of all the bowls waiting to have hot broth poured into them, the slice of pork, shreds of … Continue reading

Sweetmeats For The Colonial Pantry

Every now and then I write about a historical food event, and that’s how I first learned of Deborah Peterson and her online Pantry. Deborah is an expert on early American domestic arts, you might run into her at Colonial events and reenactments, where she discusses and demonstrates some of the more unusual ingredients and accessories of 18th … Continue reading