Sweetmeats For The Colonial Pantry

Deborah's PantryEvery now and then I write about a historical food event, and that’s how I first learned of Deborah Peterson and her online Pantry. Deborah is an expert on early American domestic arts, you might run into her at Colonial events and reenactments, where she discusses and demonstrates some of the more unusual ingredients and accessories of 18th century cookery.  She also sells many items from her website (or gift certificates for same), and is currently offering a slew of holiday goodies and stocking stuffers, such as the following: 

Almond Comfits, Parch’d Almonds, Aniseed Comfits, Brown and White Sugar Candies, Chocolate Cake (with instructions), Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate Seashells, Chocolate Balls (tablets), Chocolate Drops with Dragees, Criollo Cacao Nibs, Fennel Comfits, Hard Tack/Ship’s Bread, Candied Lemon or Orange Peels, Lemon Drops, Pepper-Mints, Parch’d Corn, Powder’d Chocolate, Powder’d Chocolate in a Tin, Sugar Loaves or Lump Sugar, Tamarind Candy, Crystallized Ginger, Tobacco Twists, Wassail Mix, Any or all Teas (including samplers) & Coffee.

If you order before midnight on December 8, shipping is free – I guess that means you don’t have to feed and stable the pony?

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