Cutie Pie Too

Little BakerNow here’s a real cutie pie, as opposed to the peach pie of my August 12 post.
This cutie pie is my sister-in-law’s granddaughter, and she’s adorable – and can you tell she knows it?  Her mother and grandmother are big fans of good wholesome home-cooked food, and are encouraging the new generation to follow in their culinary footsteps with fun kitchen projects like baking.
There are lot of places now, including some markets, offering classes where you can cook with your kids in a structured setting.  Or throw your own holiday baking party for your kids and their friends kids at home for free (i.e. just the cost of the ingredients).  Whether it’s holiday cookies or simple dishes like mac-and-cheese or tuna salad, let your kids help with shopping and meals (safely of course), and watch them take an interest in what they eat (and where it comes from) as they broaden their palate. 
This young lady has been exposed to all sorts of foods since infancy, and appreciates an amazing range of dishes, not just the “white stuff” like chicken tenders and spaghetti.  I can’t wait to see what she’s up to when they visit us at Christmas!

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