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Reminder – Foodies at the Library

Groundhog day swooped right by me, but I’ve been meaning to share this photo of adorable hedgehog breads from Witherspoon Bread Company.  I took it when Terra Momo opened their Dispensa cafe in the Princeton Public Library; as with everything the Momo brothers do, it was a lovely, tasteful (ha!), opening. (THIS EVENT, AND THE ONE … Continue reading

Hold That Thought! (Muffins)

So many people have remarked on my recent Princeton Packet “In The Kitchen” column on muffins, telling me which of the five recipes I included they plan to make.  So far, the savory Fat Jack muffins are ahead (so we like our bacon and cheese, do we?), but I’ve had a few “votes” for the very … Continue reading

Cutie Pie Too

Now here’s a real cutie pie, as opposed to the peach pie of my August 12 post.   This cutie pie is my sister-in-law’s granddaughter, and she’s adorable – and can you tell she knows it?  Her mother and grandmother are big fans of good wholesome home-cooked food, and are encouraging the new generation to follow in their culinary footsteps with fun … Continue reading

Cutie Pie

This cute-as-a-button peach pie is from the Saturday Montgomery Farmers Market.  It’s made by Just Made Bakery, the on-site bakery at Tree-Licious Orchards.  The Tree-Licious table of course has lovely peaches, plums, apricots, etc. this time of year, but it was the pie that caught my eye.  And it’s not just good looks; it tastes … Continue reading


Next time you make a fruit crisp or crumble at home, why not spice it up a bit differently?  When I recently made a rhubarb/strawberry crisp, the recipe called for cinnamon in the topping.  But I’m not a big cinnamon fan (almost un-American, I know).  So I thought of using cardamom instead, which I have grown … Continue reading