Hold That Thought! (Muffins)

So many people have remarked on my recent Princeton Packet “In The Kitchen” column on muffins, telling me which of the five recipes I included they plan to make.  So far, the savory Fat Jack muffins are ahead (so we like our bacon and cheese, do we?), but I’ve had a few “votes” for the very simple Carrot Brown Sugar muffin, too.  (The others are orange, cider, and peanut butter.)

Who knew muffins would inspire readers so much?  I guess we’re just really into the homey pleasures of life right now – at least I know I am.  There’s an “all’s right with the world” reassurance in a little time spent in the kitchen with good smells wafting about.  Even if you live alone, there is quiet pleasure to be had in baking.  You can freeze your muffins to use as you need, take them to work to share with your co-workers, or take to those nice folks at your child’s day care.

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