Wedding Perfect

Chez Alice cakeI’ll post more on this in the next few days, but just came home all fired up (okay, and a little sugared up), from sampling some delicious food at Chez Alice Catering Company’s wedding (and other special events) showcase.

I’ll have another photo, too; this was is one of many on the Chez Alice Catering Company website, and it is so pretty in pink I couldn’t resist.

Held at the beautifully situated Mountain Lakes House, a large crowd enjoyed a pasta station, Middle Eastern buffet and passed hors d’oeuvres.  The latter included brie and strawberry in filo cups (heaven!), spicy fig and cheese puffs, and what was maybe the world’s smallest lobster roll, on a teensy brioche bun.  Cute!

Their cakes are always spectacular, and have long been favorites of mine.  I tried slivers of two party cakes, the Pink Passion and Mango Mousse. Yum.  More soon, and that will include the latest trends in weddings, from owner Kelly Hamdan.

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