Apple Salad

Apple SaladI usually mock people who order salad and other nonsense in pizza joints because I think there is an inverse correlation between the quality of the pizza and anything else on the menu.

Well, I mock no more.  DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville makes a fantastic house salad.  Who knew?  I split one with friends when I first went to this newer outpost of the original on Hudson Street in Trenton.  Then I tried it again on a more recent visit, and was wowed a second time.  (The photo here is of my own version at home, theirs is much prettier.)

Their salad is made with fresh spring greens (yes, the fancy gourmet kinds), and is scattered with crunchy thin slices of apple (with peel) and candied walnuts.  That right there is a great combination, but what really makes this salad soar is the delicious light dressing, and not too much of it.  I inquired and was told “just white balsamic vinegar and olive oil.”  So I gave it a try at home and it worked!  I even candied my own walnuts, with just sugar and walnuts in a pan, cooked until sugar liquified and started to darken, then quickly turned out onto a silpat to harden (foil would work, too).

The night of my recent visit, De Lorenzo’s was also offering a special salad made with blackberries and Asiago cheese.  But we stuck to the “original” since our pizzas would have cheese.  And, that is, as always, wonderful pizza with a crackling thin crust and not too much cheese.  For a change try the red clam pie – Amazing!

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