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Hail to the Chef!

My brother sent me this photo of a salmon salad he and his wife enjoyed at home recently.  It looks spectacular, doesn’t it?! He marinated the fish while they were off at church, using low sodium teriyaki and Chef Paul’s Seafood Magic, and cooked it when they came home, plopping it right over the greens, blue cheese, … Continue reading

Now that’s a salad

This is my favorite salad of the moment, based on the house salad at DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies in the Washington Town Center, Robbinsville.  Usually it’s made with spring mix, but I had arugula at home, which went quite well with the fruit-nut story. Theirs has slices of apple, but I usually just throw in dried … Continue reading

End of Summer Salad

Sigh.  Tomato season, and tomatoes at all, were so fleeting this year.  But here’s a little homage to good tomato (a Rainbow from Whole Foods, sadly not so local) sliced onto a bed of lettuce and parsley, sprinkled with shallot, and lightly dressed in olive oil and lemon juice. I do have several small Early Girls on … Continue reading

Oysters & Parsley Salad

These oysters were so good!  Every now and then I just can’t resist buying one of those little tubs of sucked oysters that sit in crushed ice in front of many seafood counters.  So far, they’ve always been fine for cooking purposes, and, at around $6, a real treat. I drained these and briefly rinsed … Continue reading

Apple Salad

I usually mock people who order salad and other nonsense in pizza joints because I think there is an inverse correlation between the quality of the pizza and anything else on the menu. Well, I mock no more.  DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville makes a fantastic house salad.  Who knew?  I split one with friends when … Continue reading