Hail to the Chef!

Salmon on SaladMy brother sent me this photo of a salmon salad he and his wife enjoyed at home recently.  It looks spectacular, doesn’t it?!

He marinated the fish while they were off at church, using low sodium teriyaki and Chef Paul’s Seafood Magic, and cooked it when they came home, plopping it right over the greens, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes and corn (just wait until we have local tomatoes and corn again!).  The juices from the salmon became dressing for the salad, as they seeped down through the greens.  (Our mother also loved her fish cozied up to her salad.)

Be still my heart, this is one amazing dish!  Nice china too, although not, as my brother mischievously commented, quite the same as the Royal Doulton painted with periwinkles that was Hyacinth Bucket”s pride and joy on Keeping Up Appearances.  Er, Bouquet, I meant Bouquet!  (Hyacinth’s pattern was actually called Braganza.)

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