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Masala Salmon

This was another easy and delicious dinner.  Or two, since that piece of fish was pretty big and I only ate half this evening. I like the meatiness of a steak cut instead of a fillet occasionally, when it comes to salmon.  I know I sound like a broken record about this, but having those bones … Continue reading

Hail to the Chef!

My brother sent me this photo of a salmon salad he and his wife enjoyed at home recently.  It looks spectacular, doesn’t it?! He marinated the fish while they were off at church, using low sodium teriyaki and Chef Paul’s Seafood Magic, and cooked it when they came home, plopping it right over the greens, blue cheese, … Continue reading

The Joy of Breadcrumbs

I’m always going on about how handy home made breadcrumbs are to have around.  I’ll buy a nice loaf of bread, but only manage to use some of it before it goes stale. So I either slice and oven toast what’s left (that’s especially good with whole grain breads), or whirl it in the blender or processor … Continue reading