Masala Salmon

masala salmon

This was another easy and delicious dinner.  Or two, since that piece of fish was pretty big and I only ate half this evening.

I like the meatiness of a steak cut instead of a fillet occasionally, when it comes to salmon.  I know I sound like a broken record about this, but having those bones in there keep the flesh moist and tender.  It’s also a more “forgiving” cut because it’s the same thickness all over, and those little tips stay very juicy because they are fatty.  And I love cripsy salmon skin!

I coated the salmon with olive oil and Indian spices (a little tandoori blend, a little masala blend) and broiled it. I meant to have some of the excellent raita from Trader Joe’s on the side, but just a squeeze of lemon was really all this needed.

I took the trouble to cook basmati rice with cardamom (that’s one of the green pods on top of the rice), and mustard, cumin, and nigella seeds.  I also had a nice salad on the side, and a big smile on my face.

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