Tasty Gradoo


What have we here?  Strange to say, it is the leavings at the bottom of a tin of very good honey-roasted mixed nuts from Walgreen’s.  Some would call it “gradoo.” It’s detritus, and usually tossed in the garbage.

Now, it might seem ridiculous, but the last time I finished a tin of these nuts, I couldn’t bear to throw away the salty-sweet bits lingering at the bottom.  So I saved them, and made a pistachio ice cream sundae one night (pictured below), sprinkling the gradoo on top, after a squirt of chocolate sauce and a few toasted pistachios.


What an inspired idea, if I do say so myself, and someone who wants to start a little food business (and so many do these days), might think about making salty-sweet-crunchy ice cream toppings. 

You can thank me with free product. 



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