The Joy of Breadcrumbs

Salmon with crumb toppingI’m always going on about how handy home made breadcrumbs are to have around.  I’ll buy a nice loaf of bread, but only manage to use some of it before it goes stale. So I either slice and oven toast what’s left (that’s especially good with whole grain breads), or whirl it in the blender or processor and let the crumbs dry for storage.

So when I get home with a piece of salmon (or whatever fish), I just dump some crumbs in a bowl and toss them with olive oil and herbs de Provence or Italian herbs, or whatever seasoning I’m in the mood for.  I put the fish in an oiled baking dish and heap the crumbs on top. I bake it at around 350 to 375 degrees just long enough so the fish flakes, maybe 15-20 minutes for a nice fat filet (test it with the point of a knife).   That’s it.  Here I had some of the slow-roasted tomatoes I’ve been making, too. I’ll do a batch of those on the weekend, and use them up during the week.  This is, truly, convenience food.

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