Divine Divan

Chicken DivanOkay, not my best effort, in terms of presentation.  Kind of reminds me of the mishaps pictured on Cake Wreck, a blog that shows what happens “When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.”

But this sort-of chicken divan I made a while back, when I had leftover store bought rotisserie chicken to use up, was delicious.  I used pasta, mushrooms, sherry, and yes – gasp! – a can of cream of something soup (the low sodium version, if that helps my image).  There’s some broccoli lurking in there, too.

I used plenty of milk to keep it moist, and plenty of buttery breadcrumbs on top.  I’m big on bread crumbs, and always put them on my macaroni and cheese too.  (I grind up stale bread in the blender, let it dry and save it, then toss with melted butter and s & p, when I need some for topping.)  The Italians are masters of bread crumbs, so maybe that’s where I get it, from my mother’s family.  As a matter of fact, I will admit that to some extent the chicken divan and the mac and cheese are just vehicles for buttery, crunchy breadcrumbs, which are almost my favorite part of the dish.

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