Reminder – Foodies at the Library

Hedgehog BreadsGroundhog day swooped right by me, but I’ve been meaning to share this photo of adorable hedgehog breads from Witherspoon Bread Company.  I took it when Terra Momo opened their Dispensa cafe in the Princeton Public Library; as with everything the Momo brothers do, it was a lovely, tasteful (ha!), opening. (THIS EVENT, AND THE ONE MENTIONED BELOW WERE BOTH POSTPONED DUE TO SNOW.)

But I digress; the real purpose of this post is to encourage you to attend the Tuesday night event at the Library, Princeton Foodies and the Places They Love.  The details are in a previous post on my blog; don’t miss this chance to hear a few of my similarly food-crazed colleagues talk about their favorite local places to dine and shop. 

And maybe, before or after, you’ll dine in one of the Terra Momo Group’s wonderful Princeton area restaurants.  A foodie’s life just would not be as richly varied without them.  (On Thursday night at 6:00pm, their Mediterra restaurant is holding a fundraiser for Trenton’s Children’s Futures; it’s a food and wine tasting featuring Greece/Cyprus, Call Mediterra for reservations 609-252-9680-THIS EVENT POSTPONED DUE TO SNOW.)

One thought on “Reminder – Foodies at the Library

  1. Dear Faith,

    Have had this on my calendar for a long, long time — and hope to share it with you and the others. ‘God willin’ and the snow don’t rise…’ I am really counting on these delights!

    Until soon, Carolyn

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