Heinz revamps ketchup packets

Heinz packetNow, here is a huge food technology advance.  Finally, one of America’s favorite condiments catches up to the way we live now! 

A recent AP story described a redesigned Heniz ketchup packet.  Instead of that squishy plastic thing you end up tearing with your teeth, and then it shoots all over your kid’s clothes, or, gulp, maybe even your car (but you wouldn’t eat and drive, now, would you?), that ketchup is now available in a little tub with a lift-off cover, and it holds three times the amount of the original packets.

Heinz currently sells over 11 billion (yikes) of the little packets a year, and we’ll have to wait and see how many restaurants make the switch, since the new packet will cost a little more.  But if three old ones equals 1 new one, and customers like the convenience, we’ll likely see a gradual change over.

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