Fancy Cat

Fancy Feast Appetizer packagingExcuse me while I digress from the subject of people food, and get up on my soapbox.

Even though my cat Spot died over two years ago (birds and bunnies are still rejoicing), I still get cat-related mail, and probably always will.

This sample of Fancy Feast’s new appetizers for cats arrived the other day, and I was struck by two thoughts. First, how weird is it to market appetizers for cats?  I hear we already have too many overweight pets, so this isn’t going to help.  But I’m sure doting pet owners will succumb, and I have to admit, the “white meat chicken in a delicate broth” looks good enough to eat and has the same kinds of ingredients (no byproducts or fillers) as people food.  My father’s cat, Harvey, thin as a whip, loves Fancy Feast, so he will doubtless enjoy this.

Second, and to me more important, was the amount of packaging involved, and mind you, I don’t usually notice packaging so much.  First there was the thick plastic shrink wrap.  Then the box inside with a fold-aside top that then reveals a “window” that opens to reveal the tray inside.  You can pluck the sample out of the tray, or open the bottom of the box and slide it out like a “drawer.” (It’s sitting on top of the box in the photo.)

And, of course, there is the heavy, glossy tri-fold informational piece (far right), that includes a coupon.  So much paper, so much ink, so much garbage to dispose of or recycle after you remove the sample.  Nestlé (who owns Fancy Feast), when will you be by to pick up all this stuff?

One thought on “Fancy Cat

  1. I’d be wary of this stuff for two reasons. 1) The reason they call it an “appetizer” is because legally, “dinners” for cats have to meet nutritional requirements. This does not, hence the made-up name and warning that it should only be fed as a supplement. Also, 2) it contains nitrites (the stuff in processed lunch meats) which many vets warn not to feed cats. I will not feed this to my cat. I am a little shocked that they are selling this, really. Hope this is helpful.

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