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Holidays & Gifts

Holidays are creeping up on us with their tiny cat feet, so here are some of the goings on that have arrived in my Inbox lately: I only wish I could celebrate my birthday (39 again!) at the American Museium of Natural History’s Wild Mushroom Harvest: Foraging Local Woods and Markets event on Tuesday (11/9), … Continue reading

Cookie Haul

My first ever cookie exhange.   I tentatively show up with my Earl Grey Chocolate Shortbread Coins and Mexican Crackle Cookies (both from “The Art & Soul of Baking”).  Would I measure up?  Whew, mine disappeared off the trays and into our tins, right along with everyone else’s.  Humiliation averted, I scurried home with my haul, … Continue reading

Say Cheese

I just go cheese-crazy at holidays, and often put together rather elaborate cheese trays for family dinners. Sometimes I get the camera out to document the tray, as I did here a few years ago – but not until we’d already made inroads! The cheeses here were a blue (Maytag?) and Wensleydale with cranberries in front, … Continue reading