Butt-Off (but in the nicest possible way)

Smoked Pork Butt

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now: my colleagues at Princeton University, John and Kara, really know how to have fun.

Each year this couple gathers with friends for what has traditionally been a pig roast and weekend party.  This takes place on a farm in another state, and it has become a real family affair as many in their group have become parents.

But pig roasts are a lot of work, in case you haven’t done it yourself, so this year the group held a Butt-Off instead.  As in pork butt, and how many ways can you prepare it?  The beauty pictured here is John’s creation, stuffed with a mixture of chorizo and bacon, and smoked.  Lucky me, they somehow made it home with leftovers and gave me a slice.  (It’s rosy around the edges from the smoking, that is not rareness.)  It was fantastic- way to go John!

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