Blue Fish Grill

I can’t even remember how I heard about this place, but it was well worth the drive over to Flemington to check out Blue Fish Grill.  It made for a lovely Sunday excursion (with shopping at Turntable Junction, too), and the lunch a friend and I enjoyed was a winner. 

Blue Fish Grill tacos

Blue Fish Grill Fish & Chips






Owners Stacy and Kelly Casanova came from California, so they get the concept of fresh and casual food.  The fish taco (tilapia) was grilled over a wood fire (oak and citrus).  That woodsy smoky flavor really came through.  The tacos were dressed with avocado salsa and piled with cabbage slaw.  The seasoned fries were good, too.  My friend’s fish (pollock) and chips also won raves (“so light!”), as did the excellent house made tartar sauce.  The house salad with Napa cabbage, crispy wontons, mango, and pecans was also pretty tasty.  This is a very casual spot, food comes on disposables, etc.  Prices are extremely gentle, with maybe two items over $10 (butterfish and ahi tuna).  The place reminds me Princeton’s beloved (including by yours truly) Blue Point Grill, taken down several notches to be more casual and less pricey.  If you plopped this place down in Princeton, or, better yet, right on the university campus, there’d be a stampede!

One thought on “Blue Fish Grill

  1. Dear Faith,

    Fish and Chips- now there’s a quest upon which I’d eagerly join you, Faith, for old times’ sake.

    I had superb F&C just yesterday, –after visiting two Bucks County lavender farms with Barbara Fox–, at Faherty’s-on-the-Delaware, facing the old bridge at Washington’s Crossing. Sitting out on their airy deck, river and canal winking at us, birds coasting silently overhead, we savored tempura-light fish and chips and they MAKE THEIR OWN POTATO CHIPS. Not tempura, though – beer batter – and the icy Yuengling wasn’t bad either. They know enough to bring the British malt vinegar without having been asked.

    I’d go many a mile for Fish and Chips — frequent reward at Triumph Brewery New Hope after morning at ‘little’ Michener art museum. At that Triumph it comes in a white paper cone so you can pretend you are strolling down some British lane, sprinkling malt vinegar on their specialty. (Which comes rolled in newspaper (!) — so my husband would never let us do that – I made up for it on subsequent trips.) Needless to say the beer choices at Triumph seem limitless – I leave it up waitress because their brews change with every hour, all chalked up on blackboard inside the front door.

    I recently took my Chicago sister to Temperance House in Newtown on her way home from (Philly) airport. We chose it because there seems to be no history in Michigan where we grew up, and the Temperance House is early 1700’s. We figure the name is irony… We sat by the gigantic smoke-darkened fireplace in which they obviously used to cook meals, and some of the fascinating utensils remain. I chose their legendary crabcake, but spent the meal in severe fish-and-chips envy. My sister insisted hers were the best since Suzie Q Fish and Chips, where we took all our out-of-town guests in Royal Oak Michigan, late lamented but forever measuring-stick.

    I love the way your lively posts trigger memory!

    Now you’ve given me a new place to try. You’re so GOOD at this! thank you!

    your fellow blogger (NJ WILD) Carolyn

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