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And now a few words on tartar sauce

I love tartar sauce. Don’t get me wrong, this mahi mahi had plenty going on of its own.  It was liberally coated with spices (Cajun, Mexican, Indian, darned if I can remember!) and benefited from a squeeze of lemon, too.  I even tore up the leftovers and used them in a Thai soup, shown in a previous … Continue reading

Blue Fish Grill

I can’t even remember how I heard about this place, but it was well worth the drive over to Flemington to check out Blue Fish Grill.  It made for a lovely Sunday excursion (with shopping at Turntable Junction, too), and the lunch a friend and I enjoyed was a winner.            … Continue reading


There seems to be a month for everything, now, and August is National Farmed Catfish Month*.  Farmed catfish, raised properly, is sustainable, so a popular choice with watchdog organizations such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  But with feed prices rising and global imports increasing, the farmed fish industry in this country is in the tank … Continue reading

Cultural Exchange

Last time I was at the Great Wall Supermarket in Franklin Park I decided to bring a whole fish back to my father, who at 86 is still an adventurous cook. (I know, apple-tree!)  While picking out a nice red snapper for him, I noticed the Chinese woman next to me purchasing two small silver … Continue reading